In the past few days I’ve thought a lot about some simple things that I can change or improve in my daily routines.

Step 1: Exercise while brushing your teeth

You’re gonna spend two minutes stuck in your bathroom anyway, so why don’t use that time for some exercise?



  • Squats – great to train your legs and your butt
  • Teeter on your toes and heels (back and forth) – trains your calf muscles and prevents varices
  • Flex your butt – well, for your butt  😉

Boom! You’re getting fitter by multitasking!
Don’t overdue it at first. Increase the number of squats gradually, focus on just one of the exercises first, and so on. Especially if you haven’t done any sports before, doing 5 squats in a row can be your first big goal and you’ll feel great when you reach it!

Step 2: Take the stairs

You wouldn’t believe the great difference taking the stairs can make. I live on the fifth floor and of course until this week I used the elevator every time I got home. But since I’ve started this blog I’ve tried to take the stairs as often as possible. The first day I was out of breath on the third floor and had to stop for a break. But as of today I can already get to the fifth floor without one and I feel fitter every day! I feel like my endurance has already improved.  🙂


Even if you don’t live that high up in your building, there are a lot of possibilities for you to exchange escalators and elevators for some sportive activity, like for example in your office building or on your way to work.

Step 3: Walk faster

Increasing your walking speed is great for burning some extra calories. Strolling is perfectly fine if you’re on a shopping trip. But if your goal is to get from A to B just tense your muscles, maintain a good posture and add that extra km/h to your walk. You’ll see and feel the difference!


These are just the first 3 steps to a healthier lifestyle. You can integrate them in your daily life without great effort.

In one of the next blog posts I want to focus on health and fitness at the office. What tips and tricks do you recommend for a healthier work life? Leave me a comment

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