Some of you will have jobs where you get plenty of exercise already. But if you’re like me, sitting in the office 9 hours a day surrounded by other people, the following tips might be right for you!

1. Take the stairs


I can’t stress that enough! Although I told you already in one of my first posts, I want to repeat it right here: exchange the convenient elevator for a little office workout! Take the stairs whenever you can – on your way to your office, another department or the cantina, to your next meeting or just for fun. It’s a great way to not only train your legs and butt, but also to to work on your stamina.


2. Print your documents separately


Don’t wait until the evening to print all your documents at once. Get up and walk over to your printer and view it as a little extra exercise (don’t just roll all the way on your swivel chair – that’s cheating!).
Your printer is located in the corridor outside your office? All the better – more exercise!


3. Reduce phone calls


Try to reduce phone calls by not calling the colleagues who are in the same building as you are. Just go over to their office or cubicle. That’s killing two birds with one stone: you walk and it’s more personal at the same time!


4. Drink yourself fit


I already told you how important it is to drink enough. At the office you can combine drinking with a little walk! Everytime your glass is empty, go and get yourself a fresh refill. Avoid placing a big keg on your desk in the morning. First of all, you miss out on short breaks where you move around a bit and second, your water is going to taste a bit stale after some time. Cold, fresh water makes you feel more energetic in an instant!


5. Take breaks


Sitting at your desk all day long is unhealthy in so many ways, therefore I highly encourage you to take a short break every (or at least every two) hour(s). Use these breaks to stretch a bit, to move around and just relax your body. By doing that, you alleviate back pain and it’s also a great stress reliever.


6. Use little tricks


Who wants to train with all colleagues watching? Not me, so I use little helpers like a fitness cushion or a fitness ball to sit on. They are great for balancing exercises (core muscles!) and once again are a wonderful tool to train your back, because you have to move a lot more than on a regular office chair.
There is a lot of other portable training equipment which is especially useful in an office setting, but I think I’ll cover that in a future post.

Well, that’s what I do (or at least try to) every day. And what about you? Tell me about your ways of staying fit in the office, right below in the comments section or on Facebook or Twitter! I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!