I’ve started a new training besides my main profession, which not only increases my daily stress level, but also takes away even more time for fitness activities. In total, I’m spending 2.5 hours sitting in my car every day. That’s a lot. So why not do something productive while standing at a red light or sitting in a traffic jam?

Disclaimer: Do these exercises only while your car is at a halt!



With your handbrake activated (!) put both feet on the floor. Now raise your heels, hold for 1 sec, and lower them again. A little variation would be to raise one heel while lowering the other. This little exercise will activate your calf muscles.


Squeeze your left booty for 5 seconds, then your right for 5 seconds. Keep alternating sides for either 10 sets or as long as you’re stopped in traffic. This exercise is also a great way to get the circulation in your backside started again.


Hold your belly in for 10 seconds, don’t forget to breathe. Relax for 2 seconds and flex again. Do either 3-5 sets or again just for as long as the traffic light is red.
This exercise will work your deep abdominals, i.e. you’ll get a flatter stomach over time.


Put one arm behind your headrest and push your hand toward your head. Hold this position for 10 sec, you should feel your bicep contract. Switch arms and repeat.


Tilt your left ear down towards your left shoulder. Stretch the right side of your neck while taking 3 deep breaths. Then switch sides. Repeat for 3 times or again as long as you’re stuck at the red light.


These exercises might not be much, but you’ll notice a difference after some time – especially if you follow a few of the other tips on this blog. You’ll combine two tasks (driving and getting fitter) and get the most out of your time – that’s what Lazygetics is about. 😉

If there are other exercises that you do in your car, tell me about them right below in the comment section or on Twitter or Facebook! I’d love to hear them! 🙂